Stories from the Rio Dulce and Guatemala

This section is devoted to stories contributed by the talented people on the Rio Dulce.


How "THAT" Came About

by Mark Hassall & Anne Kerlin-Hassall

You can now read the legendary story of "THAT", the first sailing yacht
built on the Rio Dulce and the only Guatemalan flagged vessel to ever
sail around the world!

The Return of Salome by Thomas Patten

A Blessing in the Trees by Phillip C. Landmeier

A Thousand Years Too Late by Dennis Gulck of Denny's Beach

Fear and Loving in Guatemala by Dennis Gulck

Kevin and Julie's Big Adventure by Kevin Moon and Julie Easley

Fuentes Georginas, Guatemala by Becky Squires, S/V "Blue Moose"

Love Nest by G.D. Morgan

The River That Swallows Gringos by Roger Hanks

On the Río Dulce by Manon Fisher (age 9)

Punta Sal by Dennis Gulck

Infestation (Revenge of the Lobsters) by Fred

Transported In Guatemala by Carol Verriour, S/V Kirsten Jayne

A Short, Easy Trip to Quirigua

Copan, Honduras

Hauling Out At Puerto Cortez by Sandra S. Ullstrup, D.V.M.

The Sarstún by Dick Springgate on "Okanagan"

The Del Monte Banana Plantation by Bill Pierce, "Tan-Tar-A"

 Tikal, "Lady Helen"

Weather and Currents (Or, How the heck did we get here?) by Dennis Gulck

Fronteras to Copan, Honduras by John Heaton, S/V L'Hirondelle

Finca Paraiso - The Trip to Paradise by Dick Springgate on "Okanagan"

Jungle Solution by M.E. on "A.D.L."

By Dusty Bus to Tikal

Frogs by Dick Springgate on "Okanagan"


20,000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA by Jules Verne

The complete, unabridged original text!

November 9, 2012
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