On the Rio Dulce

I go to Río Dulce every year to visit my Dad. When I get there I always beg if we can go to Mario’s / Cayuco Club. Every 4th of July they have a sailing race. Last year, my Dad and I won! If you like to play volleyball, Marios also has a big field with a net to play. They have a pool and a Great! source of food.

Another great place to go is the hot falls. It’s a place for the whole family. They have a 200° water fall. Bring your water masks, you can find a ton of fools gold. Best part of all, there are no alligators or anything dangerous.

Bruno’s is a great place to go too. They have a restaurant, a pool, and Capt. Nemo’s has 8 computers, phones and you can exchange USA money. Bruno’s and Capt. Nemo’s both are in the same place. In September, 2000, they are supposed to have diving classes for all ages.

So, check out the place.

Manon Fisher, age 9
San Mateo, California

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November 9, 2012
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