Maya Paradise Tide Tables

NOTE: Times in CST*. Tide levels in feet.


NOTE: Tide levels in feet. Times in CST*.



The data in these tables is presented in the hope they they will be useful, but they are presented WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OR IMPLICATION OF ANY WARRANTY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PURPOSE. The author and this website assume no liability for damages arising from the use of these predictions. They are NOT certified to be correct and they do not account for the effects arising from storms, El Niño, seismic events, changes in global sea level, or Acts of God.

* Footnote on CST. Please note the change from UTC to CST. Tide tables have been published on Maya Paradise for over 20 years. There was a time in the past when Guatemala experimented with Daylight Saving Time or Summer Time. To avoid confusion and mistakes, the tide tables were changed to UTC. Guatemala's experiment with changing clocks back and forth was not well received and was dropped. The Maya Paradise tide tables have returned to showing CST.

Central American Standard Time (CST) is the same as Central Standard Time in the USA, and there's no "Summer Time".


May 20, 2019
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