El Castillo Photos

The History of El Castillo (bilingue) - Click Here

El Castillo is located in a very picturesque setting at the narrowest point along the Rio Dulce. The Rio Dulce begins here, where the waters of Lago Izabal exit the lake on their way to the Caribbean Sea.
This is the north tower on the mainland side.


On the mainland side, the Castillo is protected by a moat which is crossed by a drawbridge.

Stonework platform adjoining the drawbridge. Note the tall, narrow gun port to the left offering good protection and an excellent shot at anyone on the platform or the drawbridge.


Covered gun positions behind the parapet on the outer wall.

Gun position on the parapet


A view inside El Castillo. The bars on the windows are from the days when El Castillo served as a prison.

View down a passageway at ground level inside El Castillo


Close up of the wrought iron drawbridge chain. These links are about 3-1/2 inches long.


The south tower on the mainland side. Note the heavy buttress on the near corner.

The History of El Castillo (bilingue) - Click Here


January 29, 2013
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